Ensuring power flows consistently and reliably while enhancing our client’s profitability and reducing their risk exposure is our main goal.

Why Choose GridForce?
We can save our customers millions in penalties and billing errors, provide flexibility in managing their power supply and sales, and we make sure the power keeps flowing – no matter what

Demand Response
We realize that reducing demand is a critical component to any sustainability program. It’s with that in mind that we have pioneered demand response processes.

Sustainability Energy Resources
We work with clients to harness the power of sustainable energy resources and to manage the volatility of wind and solar resources.

Balancing Power Since 1999
Since 1999, we have been providing precision energy control and integration management services to micro-grids, load-serving entities and demand response clients throughout North America. We serve cities, municipalities and electric cooperatives, in addition to generation owners and operators including independent power producers and industrial facilities, aggregated demand response programs, and transmission systems.

The Benefit of Experience
As the nation’s most advanced energy control center, Gridforce has successfully certified over 48 balancing authorities, managed full requirements service for 5 municipal utilities, and has provided services to over 13,000 MW of generation in 5 NERC sub-regions. Our NERC RC certified operators have more technical, multi-regional experience than any other team in the industry.

National Infrastructure Platform
From our state-of-the-art Energy Control Center in Houston, we can analyze electrical power grid activity 24/7 in real time, historically, and looking forward, giving clientele unique control of asset operation and settlement activities.